ITU/WTO Workshop on Telecom and ICT regulation

The Workshop is a pilot effort in the formulation of a specialized training course for capacity building in the area of telecommunications and ICT regulation. Its purpose is to enable telecommunications regulatory authorities from developing countries to better understand the implications of the WTO for their work and to improve skills and techniques for its implementation at the regulatory level. The Workshop rely extensively on interactive exercises and case studies in which participants take an active role.

> General Background Information: GATS &Telecommunications


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Wednesday, 1 December 2004  back to top

Facilitators (1)

9h30 – 13h00

1.  Opening remarks & Introduction



Overview of course objectives, format and syllabus

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 206 KB)

Hamid Mamdouh
Lee Tuthill


2.  GATS principles & obligations for telecom regulation


> Download presentation  Transparency (PowerPoint format, 334 KB)

> Download presentation Reasonableness (PowerPoint format, 377 KB)

> Background Documents

- Interactive exercise on GATS rules on specific regulatory issues

Lee Tuthill

14h30 –

3.  GATS commitments on telecom reforms



- Market access, national treatment and additional commitments

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 3669 KB)

- Interactive exercise on schedules of telecom commitments

Lee Tuthill
Peter Morrison


Thursday, 2 December 2004  back to top

9h30 – 13h00

4.  Other WTO agreements/issues relevant to telecommunications & ICT

- The Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 674 KB)

Erik Wijkstrom

- Information Technology Agreement (ITA)

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 228 KB)

Denby Probst

- Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 103 KB)

Roger Kampf

14h00 –18h00

5.  ITU/BDT actions, materials and guidelines


- Interconnection

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 1129 KB)

- Universal access policies

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 194 KB)
> Download presentation — Chile Case Study (PowerPoint format, 1078 KB)

- spectrum management

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 1028 KB)

 G-REX & other ITU/RRU Resources

> download presentation (PowerPoint format, 2133 KB)

> Background Document Links (Word format, 86 KB)


Susan Schorr
Lorena Piñeiro
Eric Lie

6.  Example of a regional regulatory initiative

APEC-Tel Best Practice Guidelines on Implementation of the WTO Reference Paper

> Download presentation APEC-Tel Guidelines  (PowerPoint format, 688 KB)

Bill Scott


Friday, 3 December 2004  back to top

9h00 – 13h00

7.  Interactive case study: Implementing laws & regulations

Laura Sherman

8.  Interactive case study: Licensing regimes

Sophie Maddens


14h30 –

9.  Interactive case study: USO Mechanisms


Lee Tuthill Sophie Maddens

10. The US-Mexico Telecom Case

Implications for Regulators

> Presentation (paper) (Word format, 44 KB)


Laura Sherman

11. WTO Dispute settlement: Introduction

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 368 KB)

Peter Morrison


Monday, 6 December 2004  back to top


12. WTO dispute settlement simulation exercise


Peter Morrison
Maria Pereyra-Friedrichsen


Tuesday, 7 December 2004  back to top

9h30 –

13. Designing an effective ICT strategy: The role of telecom reform & regulators — Panel Discussion

- World Bank ICT initiatives, WB

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 159 KB)

Mostafa Terrab

- UNCTAD e-commerce initiatives

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 402 KB)

Susan Teltscher

- WTO: E-trade and on-line commerce

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 91 KB)

Lee Tuthill

11h30 –

14. Ongoing telecom reforms & the Dohatrade talks

Market access negotiations, initial offers, request-offer process, classification & regulatory issues

> Download presentation (PowerPoint format, 78 KB)

Hanafiah Abdul Rashid



World Trade Organization

Hamid Mamdouh, Director, Trade in Services Division
Lee Tuthill, Counsellor, Trade in Services Division
Peter Morrison, Counsellor, Trade in Services Division
Erik Wijkstrom, Counsellor, Trade and Environment Division
Denby Probst, Counsellor, Market Access Division
Roger Kampf, Counsellor, Intellectual Property Division
Maria J. Pereyra-Friedrichsen, Legal Officer, Legal Division
Elizabeth Debayle, Secretary, Trade in Services Division


International Telecommunication Union

Susan Schorr, Regulatory Officer, Telecommunication Development Bureau
Eric Lie, Regulatory Analyst, Telecommunication Development Bureau


Other organizations and officials

Lorena Piñeiro U., Head of the International Department, Under secretariat of Telecommunications, Chile
Bill Scott, Director, Trade Policy, International Branch, Australian Department of Communications
Mostafa Terrab, Program Manager, infoDev, Global Information and Communications Technologies Division, The World Bank
Dr. Susanne Teltscher, Economic Affairs Officer, E-Commerce Branch, SITE, UNCTAD
Muhd Hanafiah Abdul Rashid, Assistant Director/International, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore


Other resource persons

Laura B. Sherman, President, Argus International LLC
Sophie Maddens, Senior Regulatory and Policy Advisor, Telecommunications Management Group, Inc