Advertising services

The sector includes sale or leasing of advertising space or time; planning, creating and placement services of advertising; outdoor and aerial advertising and delivery of samples and other advertising materials. There are commitments in advertising services in the schedules of 51 WTO Members, which together represent 80% of world merchandise trade and the majority of global advertising activity.


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The current negotiations  

Currently, advertising, like all services are included in the new services negotiations, which began January 2000.


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The mandate 

Principles of trade in advertising services are contained, like for all services, in the GATS.

Current commitments and exemptions
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For consolidated information on countries’ commitments and exemptions on advertising services go to the services database. If you are seeking the commitments of a specific WTO member, go to “Jump to a specific sector for a given Member”, select Professional Services from the sector dropdown list, select the Member of interest and click “go”. To see a table showing which Members have made commitments in advertising services choose “See which Members have made commitments in a specific sector”, select Professional Services and click “go”.


Documents on advertising services

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