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10 September 2001

WTO organizes third “Geneva Week” for non-resident delegations

10-14 September 2001

An information week for WTO Members and Observers without permanent representation in Geneva will take place from 10 to 14 September at the WTO. The “Geneva Week” is designed to bring up to date on WTO activities those WTO Members and Observers who are unable to attend WTO meetings in Geneva. 

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  • Opening speech by Mike Moore, WTO Director-General, 10 September 2001
  • Press release issued at the end of Geneva week, 14 September 2001
  • Full programme (Download in MS Word format, 2 pages, 32KB)

    Daily programmes incorporating latest changes to full programme:

    > 10 September
    (Download in MS Word format, 3 pages, 33KB)
    > 11 September (Download in MS Word format, 1 page, 28KB) 
    > 12 September (Download in MS Word format, 1 page, 29KB) 
    > 13 September (Download in MS Word format, 3 pages, 32KB) 
    > 14 September (Download in MS Word format, 1 page, 29KB)